BoardG Application

BoardG Application is a platform that facilitates the work of both Board Members and Board Secretary. As this application has integrated all the important functions of the Board that usually require vast efforts, excess time and continuous follow-up from the Board Secretary and the Members, mechanized them and combined them with CMA Bylaws, Boursa and Central Bank Guidelines, creating a one-stop system that enables them to reduce effort, save time and avoid mistakes and penalties significantly.

BoardG Application

Manage and organize various meetings for the Board of Directors, committees and General Assembly. View meetings and tasks schedules. A repository for saving and sharing files. Review the key performance indicators of the Board members. An annual training plan through which members' performance can be enhanced. Add tasks and follow-up on their execution. Add announcements regarding meetings and others. Follow-up on nomination process. Add resolutions and votes by members. Add tagged words. Download the application now

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Secretary Demo
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BoardG Application Price List

4000 KWD

Plan A

Use Of the Application By (1) To (6) Users Uer Year

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7500 KWD

Plan C

Use Of The Application By (16) Users Per Year

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iOS Application .

The Application Allows Members To Follow Up on Meetings, Participate In Events, Vote, View The Agenda, And View Presentations from their Mobiles from anywhere and at any time.

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