Board G Future plan

We are working hard to improve the performance of the application significantly and so as to save time and effort and keep up with modern technology through modern means of communication, and that is in recognition of the effort sought by the boards of directors of companies and make all the jobs that were required effort and a great time more simple in implementation so we are always working on developing a future plan to develop and update the performance of the application to be better always satisfy all customers.

ِAplication on android tablet

A board member can access the system by downloading an application on the member’s Android device, logging in, and following up on all meetings and tasks… etc.


Every user will have the ability to communicate with other users on the system Chat .

Electronic Signature

The user can sign important documents that require his signature electronically in order to facilitate the transaction .

Our Successful Plan

Board G Dashboard Plan

To make it easier to access information and to make content more lively, the application is constantly developed and kept up with all the changes that are taking place in the capital markets and keeping up with the conditions and laws that companies have set have been built an easy and simplified control panel.