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Roqay is a software development company founded at the end of September 2018 and has grown over time. The company specializes in websites, online stores, mobile applications, e-learning solutions, and business applications. We are experts in our field, software development in our game. Large companies rely on sophistication in finding the best software solutions for their team of experts in their fields to always succeed in helping our clients achieve their goals. We follow the best framework in the software industry to ensure the best results in what our customers ultimately get.


Board G Values

Values Of Our Management System

We work together to find the best solutions by helping each other and helping our clients achieve their goals.


We are always working to develop and improve our management, which is the basis of the success of all our business. 


We offer innovative solutions in technical design and development that strike the right balance between the needs of users and business objectives.

Board -G Team

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Why Board G?

Why Should You Choose Us ?

We believe that all our clients are our business partners. Therefore, we always seek the satisfaction of our customers and do our best to overcome the challenges they face in their business, making them as easy as possible while exceeding their expectations for the best in our projects.
Over the past few years, we have provided a lot of our best business to our customers. Take a quick look at our projects page and find out how creative we are really